Hawaii Scenery

Hawaii is like an exquisite necklace floating at the cross road of Pacific and each of her islands are like a piece of magnificent gemstone- each outshining each other with her own breathtaking beauty.

Eight major islands, different ambience created with unique setting of nature and climate, panoramic vista incomparable to each other- it is really difficult to decide which of the Hawaiian island offers you the best scenery. But it is easy to marvel in the tropical nature of Hawaiian Islands; thanks to frequent air services as well as well connected sea cruises. Be it the most developed Oahu, or the less developed Kauai, the historical Lanai or wild Maui- all the islands in Hawaiian archipelago await you spectacular sceneries under the backdrop of turquoise Pacific. Here are some of the examples of unparallel natural beauty of Hawaii.

The Gateway of Hawaii- Honolulu

Find your way to this ancient land through the Gateway of Hawaii—Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. The island is justifiably described as the ‘gathering place’ as thousands of beach lovers flock at the gorgeous Waikiki to suck the tropical warmth in their blood. The multi- ethnic, multi- colored crowds rustle up a vibrant picture with a dazzling white beach and deep blue ocean in the background. Stay till afternoon and you will be rewarded with even more alluring scenery drawn up by the setting sun and the pacific ambience.

Now come along to this small island called Maui, which despite her the small size offers an array of breathtaking attractions. Experience an unparallel sunrise at the summit of Haleakala or discover the black sand beaches in alluring Hana, bordered with lush green rain forest. When you are not reveling in the nature inland, try to discover the wonderful world that awaits you under water. Experience the dramatic world created by coral reefs and colorful marine life in a snorkeling trip at submerged volcano creator at Molokini. No picture album of Hawaii is ever complete without the inclusion of the Napali sea coast sceneries that make a pretty picture of seclusion and primitive nature unadulterated by the rule of time.

Kauiai- Garden Isle of Hawaii

You must have seen these sceneries in such block busters as Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones series of movies, but what’s the harm to discover them once again with your own eyes? Yes, in Kauai—the Garden Isle of Hawaii---you get to see some of the stunning natural wonders in front of your eyes and feel the ambience under your skin. Be it the Opaekaa Falls gushing out from an imposing height of 40 feet or the Waimea canyon at the end of dense rain forest….the out of the world sceneries make you spellbound.

Big Island makes up an important segment of any Hawaiian itinerary. This is the place to discover the fiercer side of nature; visit the Kilauwa mountain—the only active volcano in Hawaii. Or if you want to discover the beauty of nature amidst contrast and extremities, take a drive to the summit of snow capped Mauna Loa…the highest and coolest place on the Hawaiian archipelago.

The ethereal Hawaiian sceneries are bound to create relaxing and rejuvenating impact on your senses. Come and feel the differences in this land of wilderness untouched by modern civilization.